Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Essence of Red

The Essence of Red

© 2011 Jeremy J. Gosnell

“I thought I was supposed to protect you?”

She laughed, “What in the world made you think that I needed protection?”

“That is what I do, protect people.” I replied.

“This should only take about forty minutes.” She said walking towards the entrance.

Suddenly pulsating techno music attacked my ear drums as the atmosphere of the club took over. A dynamic light show rippled its way over my clothes and down Sandra’s back. As she walked forward I followed soaking in the rhythm of the people around me dancing. Giant strobe lights ignited like lightening making the entire room glow for a split second.

“Where is he?” I asked though Sandra couldn’t hear my voice over the music.

With each flash of the strobe light her purple stilettos ignited and I caught myself admiring her amazing figure. Typically I was hired on a very temporary basis to protect politicians are billionaires. This assignment was much different and I was nervous as to what I would be asked to do. As Sandra cut her way through the crowd I noticed a man out of the corner of my eye. I could tell that he was armed. I reached down and switched the safety on my pistol off. Finally we reached a back door. Sandra pulled out her Blackberry and quickly typed a text message.

“Alex is ready for us.” She said hastily opening the door.

As we entered Alex’s office an eerie sense of déjà vu crept upon me. Sitting in a large black leather chair was Alex. Standing behind him were two body guards. One was heavy set and I figured in a fight my best attempt would be blocking his punches and wearing him down. Once he was tired I knew I could rip him apart. The other guard was slender and muscular. He would be quick though I assumed not as quick as I was. Either way I was glad I had a gun.

Sandra walked forward and sat on Alex’s lap reaching down into his pants. He smiled waving for his two body guards to leave the room.

“Was I worth the cost?” Sandra whispered into his ear.

Alex smiled looking over at me.

“He faggot, get the fuck out the room.” He yelled his thick Irish accent making the words hard to discern.

Sandra looked over her red hair dancing in the wind created by the fan overhead. She was gorgeous. As I lost myself in her subtle gaze she winked.

“Kill him.” She said.

I quickly pulled the pistol from under my jacket as Alex struggled to get up underneath Sandra’s intense hold. I rolled the silencer onto the barrel and squeezed the trigger.

Pop! His head exploded in a mosaic of dark red and purple. Sandra walked over reaching under Alex’s desk.

“A grappling hook.” She said pulling a large hook and cable wire from under the desk.

“Let’s go.” She muttered taking my hand as we busted through the room’s side window.

Staring down from the building’s roof I looked over at Sandra.

“Will I ever see you again?” I asked.

“Not likely.” She replied smiling.

She walked over putting her arms around me delivering the most delicate kiss.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

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