Monday, April 11, 2011

Update on everything Neptune's Garden

Hey Everyone!

First I wanted to thank everyone who followed the stories that were posted for 90 stories in 90 days. I got some great feedback from readers and that is always appreciated! I wanted to give everyone an overview on where the sequel to Neptune's Garden stands.

The sequel is tentatively titled, "Earthbound Child." Naturally this can change. The title has already changed once since it was originally planned to be, "The Last Good Man." Right now the book is nearly half finished and will go to editorial review as soon as I am done writing it.

Here is what I can tell you. This book will introduce Eric Rayner's search for the origins of his wife Sara. Readers will learn that Eric never met Sara's family and she was reluctant to even mention any of them. Naturally he knows Neptune is her father but he seeks information on the family that raised her during her time on Earth.

The sequel will introduce several new characters. Jonas Washman is the captain of a boat named, "The Seeker" which is a whale research vessel commission by Proteus Marine Research in the Southern Ocean. Also a mysterious and wild character named Daniel Harbinger will be introduced. He is the survivor of a damaged and sinking whaling ship who oddly enough is American not Japanese.

Also, in the sequel you will see a side of Orthicon's ruler Neptune that you likely did not expect.

Again thanks to everyone who has supported the first book and everyone who is looking forward to the sequel. I know it is taking time. Though, like a fine wine these stories need to age.

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