Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Gift (c) 2011 Jeremy Gosnell

The Gift

© 2011 Jeremy Gosnell

This city is seamless and bland. The walls surround me but they are dank and meaningless. The smog rolls in over the clouds, taking over the atmosphere and leaving the world dark and gray. I am alone in a city that I seek to forget but cannot seem to leave.

Jared awoke.

Rebecca, he thought slowly getting up from his bed. Nearly two months earlier his wife of eleven years had left him alone. A whirlwind of change rushed through his mind. The move to New York City, the job he never wanted, the deep emptiness in his heart, his longing for home; he had given up everything for her and now in that empty apartment he was alone. Struggling through the darkness he reached the fridge. As the door creaked open a gentle light illuminated the interior. He slammed the door shut opening the freezer. His hand quickly made its way towards a bottle of Grey Goose. Sliding the lid off he pressed the bottle to his lips taking sudden gulps. He choked the vodka down.

“Why!” He yelled remembering the moment that Rebecca left him.

Staring out the apartment window the city was alive. People moved like oil coursing through the cylinders and valves of a firing engine. Lights flashed as bars and clubs pulsed with the rhythm of life. Sirens wailed as Jared quietly hoped that nobody was dying amidst the dark city streets. Where was Rebecca? It was her; she had brought Jared to this terrible place. He hated this city. The smell, the air, and the inescapable darkness that surrounded it; the city had infected him. Slowly he felt himself becoming a lifeless wretch. Just as Jared took another deep gulp of vodka his apartment door swung open.

“Jared.” A voice called out. It was Rebecca’s voice.

Swinging around Jared mistook Rebecca for an angel. The dim light of the hallway was reflecting off her golden hair. A flannel scarf was tied tightly around her neck. Her slim corduroy jacket highlighted her slender features.

“Becky.” Jared muttered staring back.

“Jared, I wanted to talk to you.” Rebecca was nervous and afraid.

“Just wait Becky don’t say anything. I just wanted you to remember how we met. Silhouetted by the light, you smiled at me and took a mental picture with your hands, remember?”

Rebecca nodded her head yes.

“I kissed you just after that. You said it was the defining moment of your life.”

“It was.” Rebecca replied.

“Then Christ Becky why did you leave? Please tell me you have had a change of heart. Is that why you are here tonight?” Jared was holding back tears.

“Jared, I am in love with someone else. I came tonight to pick up the last of my things.”

Just as Rebecca finished a man stepped through Jared’s doorway. He was tall and handsome a muscular build gave way to a false demeanor.

“Who the fuck are you?” Jared asked.

“Jared this is Michael my boyfriend.”

“Listen asshole you better not say one thing out of line to Rebecca or I’ll fuck you up.” Michael yelled spitting on Jared’s apartment floor.

“Really Becky this is what you want to do?” Jared asked.

“Shut the fuck up you pussy and let her get her shit.” Michael snapped back.

Jared chuckled.

“What pretty boy you don’t like being put in your place.” Michael laughed as he reached into Jared’s sink smashing one of his pint glasses.

“Michael stop.” Rebecca yelled.

“What Becca your pussy ex-boyfriend can’t handle to lose his precious glass.” Michael laughed reaching into the sink grabbing another glass.

Pop! Michael’s head exploded. Brain matter and blood dotted Jared’s cabinets as the large body slammed against the tile floor.

“Jared.” Rebecca was in shock.

“My gift.” Jared muttered not sure what to say.

“Jared I know. He deserved it. He shouldn’t have come with me.” Rebecca was in tears.

“I can’t control the power anymore Becky. Not without you. I can’t control it.”

Rebecca left. The city was dark and once again Jared was alone. The city suddenly seemed lifeless and empty.

I will retreat into the mountains Jared thought, just the universe and I.

-the end …

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