Wednesday, December 22, 2010

90 stories in 90 days ...

So how do you pay thousands of people back for buying and supporting your book? Neptune's Garden has been far more successful then I ever imagined. To mark the one year anniversary of the book and also to say Thank You to everyone who has read and supported my story I offer 90 stories in 90 days.

For 90 days starting on January 15, 2011 I will be writing one short story per day. Characters from Neptune's Garden will be making appearances in some of these stories and other stories will be entirely new adventures.

Though, it is YOU that makes this contest worthwhile. That is right! 90 stories in 90 days is a contest. The first 10 people to follow this blog will get FREE SIGNED COPIES of Neptune's Garden. Every writer who submits a story via Facebook or email will have their story appear on Neptune's Garden's new blog. The writer of the most creative and exciting story that I receive will get $ 50.00 and a free signed copy of the book.

The rules are simple: There are no genre, word, or page limits. Be creative and let your imagination soar!

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